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Be PARt of something bigger: welcome to the club

by invitation only

ever since we went to film school we noticed one thing: The absolute best films are products of the most competent, like-minded, ambitious creatives being in conversation. a good film is always a team effort. but networking can be hard: where to start ? how to find the right people ? this is why we founded the filmmaker's club: a London based collective of young, independent filmmakers who meet regularly, to discuss, produce, share resources and make films together. we gather casually in private locations or in jazz clubs.  

get to know the most exciting new filmmakers of your generation 

members of the club are handpicked, not through connections, how much experience or money they have, but purely by talent. this is how we ensure we gather the most talented filmmakers of the future. we value quality over quantity. this is why the only way in is through winning an award, and this is why there is four awards only. Our club operates in person in the Uk and online internationally. We are working on binging the jazzies to other cities in Europe soon.


winners in June - swine and honey wagon


our story 

We are a group of film school graduates who wanted to create a club that involved passionate creators like us after finding little to no opportunities of networking. It is called the filmmaker’s club London. The aim of the club is to bring creatives together, help each other and make good cinema. Now that the club is established we are looking for new friends to join the club. This is how the Jazzies was born. We thought the other film festivals lacked one thing; being a festival. They give out laurels and present award but we wanted a feeling for the new-comers and short film directors to feel like they are at the academy or Cannes. Jazzies is a unique film festival that blends film and music. We bring up and coming local bands to perform at our festivals which creates a festive environment instead of a competition.

Welcome to the Jazzies.

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