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the jazzie awards

for the craft of filmmaking: Enter the competition 

why another festival ?

admittedly, there are more film festivals out there than exciting new films. but most of them could be better: lacklustre events (if events at all), application fees, laurels for the poster, that's it. we are here to change that! while our filmmaker's club already runs successfully for a while, we were looking for the best way to expand and find the absolutely most worthy members, so what would be better to find the most talented than a talent competition ? meet a festival that is actually cool, jazz club cool.




Best Film
Lost Swan

This summer


winners and events finally announced late September

west hill - Alex hughes

A festival of sparkling ambition 

Our award ceremonies are special: a unique combination of aspiring Jazz artists and screenings of the selected films in varying locations in Central and Greater London creates a unique, exciting atmosphere. For example, we have put on events in intimate cinemas in different neighbourhoods of London, with talks, Q&As, screenings and a lot of good vibes of course.

Meet the awards

the jazziest

the most outstanding film submission of the month. Energetic, bright and audacious, this film shows true ambition and accomplishes to excite the audience.


the best filmmaker. we are looking for creatives who dare, people who make a film 'their film', with a unique creative vision or mean of expression, the filmmakers who coin their films. Anyone can apply here, directors, editors and screenwriters alike.


the best performance by an leading actress or actor. We are awarding actors/actresses who live in their roles, who fully dissolve in a character.


with this award we are celebrating films who feel different, which don't fit in, exceed the mainstream pace. Films which are nostalgic, slower paced, carefully carted and sophisticatedly executed. 


The antidote to half-time: snappy, innovative, exciting and feel like a fresh breeze. we are honouring innovative editing that tells stories in less time.

best score

This is what the jazzies is all about. our most prestigious award, honouring the best film music out there. judged by professional musicians.

winners previous season

the jazziest
honey wagon - baran caliskan


Olivia Andrews - swine

Honey wagon is an incredible picture with both style and substance. It follows an amateur actress who has to face her fears of loneliness and being lost by tagging along to a bunch of teenage film students who are also not yet figured out who they are.

Olivia Andrews gives a great performance and carries the film acting as the imprisoned maid that gets free through acting out her desires. A truly gothic performance that gives life to the short film.

West Hill is a perfectly executed father and son drama. It achieves to make the audience feel the struggles of a son who has to take the place of the father in their relationship.

double time
the 13th floor - XUEYI YANG


Action filled drama with an emotional touch. The 13th floor is a tight and well knit thriller that keeps the viewer attached to their screens. It features great performances, the unique vision of the filmmaker drags the viewer through a campy feel of a thriller film.

West Hill


everything you need to know 

Being selected for a screening will qualify you to attend the networking events, winning an award enables you to join the private community of exceptional filmmakers who regularly collaborate and exchange ideas.


Our jury consists of award winning filmmakers, professional actors, editors and producers. We aim to make the selection process as open and diverse as possible, so future club members will have the opportunity to participate in the voting. 


All 4 awards are handed out on a monthly basis. We hold events monthly from mid September to mid June. Awards will still be allocated during the summer months, and winners will have the opportunity to gather during a special opening event in September that kicks off the event-season.

Jazziest Best Film - The Jazzies - 2022.PNG

the rules

We aim to keep the rules as casual and straightforward as possible, so here is what you need to know: 


Does your film feel jazzy? 


Is it less than 30 min long?


Are you an independent filmmaker (not permanently professionally funded)?


Was your film filmed in the last two years before the award month you are applying for?


Is your non-English film subtitled? 


Are you ok with us using some material from your film for marketing purposes, and with any application fees being non-refundable (no fees are planned as of this point)?


Does your film fall into our no racism policy?


If the answer to all those is yes, you're all set to go!


We accept hard copies because can you be more Jazzy than sending hard copies of your work?


The jazzies are free. our mission is to bring creative people together as much as possible. applying is easy, just dare to start your future
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