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that means participating in the jazziest will not only introduce you to an incredible  community, but also get you recognized.




good films and good jazz, this is the simple formula behind the jazzies. We know that every good film starts with an outstanding community of creatives, so we aim to bring the most talented new filmmakers in conversation.
the jazzies consist of an hand-picked filmmaker's club, an elite group of aspiring creatives who come together with the aim to produce the most ambitious new films , and a festival which functions as the entry point for the club and functions as a great networking event.


Our monthly-run festival is our way to honour, encourage and identify the best aspiring filmmakers out there. This is your entry point to the filmmaker's Club.
the filmmaker's club operates in the tradition of a classic jazz club: open, relaxed, energetic and exciting. Here, filmmakers from all backgrounds gather to create something big.

The jazzies are Affordable!

& unmistakably a part of London 

We know how tight budgets are for young creators, so we make it as easy as possible for you to participate - with everything we make, we aim to give back to the creative community. We are Londoners trough and trough. We believe in the incredible power of this city to bring creatives together like no other place.

"a good film is like good jazz, it swings, grabs you and never lets you go"

The events

our events are as unique as the films we honour. we have two type of gatherings:  
monthly award ceremonies with aspiring jazz musicians, and intimate club meetups for our members.
thank you to everyone who attended our march shoreditch event!
our next event will be a networking opportunity in September in central London. we will prepare a day of talks, meet-ups, screenings, awards and of course a lot of jazz to unwind. place and date tbc. to participate, apply with your work for an award and be selected for a screening.


The jazzies are free. our mission is to bring creative people together without any limitations. applying is easy and only one step away.
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